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Brush Laundrette Bundle
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A threepiece brush cleaning kit.Take your brush cleaning up a level with the Spectrum Brush Laundrette Bundle. This threepiece kit features all the essentials to wash; clean; and dry your brushes so that they always look their best. Inside this bundle you will find solid brush soap and silicone cleaning mat a 100% vegan; bergamot and grapefruit scented formula that makes quick work of getting rid of product build up and bacteria; a microfibre brush towel – a towel that has 32 elasticated slots for your brushes; as well as a metal hook to hang your towel and brushes to dry; and a mesh storage bag for keeping it all in one place. Make that neverending task a little bit easier.VeganTop tip: hang the towel with the brush heads facing down; so that water doesn’t cause any damage to your brush headsBundle contains:Solid Vegan Brush Soap Bergamot & Grapefruit32slot microfibre towel with detachable metal hooksMesh storage bag

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Stand: 25.01.2021
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