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Reef Voyage bungee
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Desert-Boots / Obermaterial: Nubuk / Schuhsohle: Gummi / Verschluss: mit Schnürung / Farbe: braun / Bitte beachten Sie: Die Angebote können verschiedene Größen beinhalten.

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Voyage to Te Wai Pounamu - Rambling Around New ...
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Holidaying in New Zealand and adventure activities like bungee jumping, canyon swinging, and jetboating up wild rivers are virtually synonymous. But there are other adventures that this country-one of the most isolated in the world-offers. Finding them may not be that easy, nor is getting there and back in one piece. Lee Traynor has therefore explored the two main southern islands of New Zealand: The South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) and Stewart Island, and undertaken a number of shorter and longer hikes (tramps). Among these are the Great Walks of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, the Kepler Track, and the Milford Track. These three tracks, each with its own distinct personality, are set in spectacular landscapes found only in New Zealand. The utmost technical challenge is, however, the ten-day North-West Circuit of Stewart Island (which includes parts of the Rakiura Track, another Great Walk), a trek through temperate rainforests, all but impassable muddy tracks, and across extensive coastal sand dunes reminiscent of the south-eastern coast of Australia. Lee Traynor recounts the preparations and the two months spent in New Zealand travelling around these southern islands and his adventures on and off the track. Lavishly illustrated with over 175 colour photographs and maps, and 20 black and white photos and diagrams. Lee Traynor lectures in Technical English at the Centre for Applied Languages at the Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, and studied biochemistry at Oxford University. He is an eager skeptic, having worked with James Randi and Michael Shermer, and hopes one day to make a contribution to improving how people learn.

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